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Part 76: Wind Lords

One triceratops skull in the clan hall, coming right up!

Beneva, look at how wrong you were. Actually, she's kind of a negative nancy about everything, isn't she? Maybe she's just grumpy because nobody cares about hunters.

Who the hell was Randella again?

Oh right, one of the nobodies we selected against when forming the clan ring. Well, good thing we didn't pick her since we'd be replacing her now!

Jorator keeps bugging me about not having enough horses and trading was one of our goals, so I send Jarolor out to trade for them.

Three great Orlanthi Wind Lords, or holy warriors, come to your tula. They retell famous stories of Orlanth, telling you secrets of the myth "Making of the Storm Tribe" you did not know before. They delight the children with a display of the magical flying abilities that Orlanth grants them. Then they ask the ring for help with a secret mission. "The nature of our quest is so terrible that we dare not describe it. We need warriors, silver, cows, or a gift of magical power. How can you help us?"

-Allow weaponthanes to volunteer to fight for them.
-Give them cows.
-Give them silver.
-Politely refuse them.
-Give them magic.

Tell them we will stoutly defend the hearth while they battle our enemies!

They seek silver in vain. Our purses are all mined out.

These are mighty heroes. Their enemies are even stronger. They deserve our help.

They are bold and handsome men.

The Woodpeckers have surely given generously, hoping to make us look miserly!

Orlanth vanquished many terrible foes, and often he did not tell his kinsmen where he was going.

Jarolor has no advice since he's away from the tula.