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Part 85: Humakt the Champion 6

And indeed, Orlanth does come back, this time treating Harvar like a carl. "I have learned my lesson. I will treat you like any other free Orlanthi. I will give you land, and cows. When the clan gains, you will gain, too. Thus, when we go raiding, as I plan to do against the Emperor, you will benefit if we do well. So if you please, provide me with that sword of yours."

-Give him the sword.
-"If you fight me again, I will slay you, and you will die forever."
-Leave the realm of the gods.
-Proceed to the next station of the quest.
-"The slaying of my clan ties cannot be undone. A new arrangement will have to be made."
-"Your raid against the emperor is doomed without my help."

The legends may be helpful here.

And it looks like I accidentally lied to whoever asked if there was a "JUST KILL ORLANTH" option in any part of this quest. Oops. Also, check out that metal album cover event art.