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Part 86: Humakt the Champion 7

Since a lot of you are curious what happens if we try to kill Orlanth, I present: Humakt the Champion: Alternate Universe Edition.

Guys I don't think it's a good idea to change history so that the king of the gods ran away from the big scary death man.

I don't think Harvar appreciates this either.

And calm thinking only led him to a strange gambling lady.

But he escaped so it's okay! Probably. I didn't see any negative effects on our Orlanth guy's stats, so I'm not sure what this particular failure does to the clan, if anything.

More importantly, The Real Humakt The Champion!

The thanes, carls, and cottars slain in the battle between Harvar and Orlanth attack. They have not come back to life, but are now undead creatures. Death is still new, and spirits don't know the right way to the halls of the dead, so it is easy for bad things to prey upon them and turn them evil.

-Dispatch them all to hell, with or without Orlanth's help.
-Explain to Orlanth that only you can be trusted to fight undead.
-Give Orlanth the sword, so that he can fight the undead.
-Leave the realm of the gods.
-Promise Humakt a blood sacrifice if he will guide your hand.

The legends may be helpful here.