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Part 88: Sartark Again

Coolguye posted:

Clearly, I put in sirens for my health up there.
Honestly, I've never really bothered with the rune. It seems like one of those things that's nice to have, but less nice than defending more easily/killing other people more easily. And everyone else here seems to have a one track mind about DEATHSWORD, so the sword it is.

New strategy for every battle: kill everything.

And then this fucker shows up again.

One of your weaponthanes, Sartark, is back to appeal to the ring. He wants vengance for his father. "As a child, I watched my father being burnt to death by Orlaront and Orlgandi, then of the Ardling clan. Now they are in the Blackrocks, walking free, never having paid for my father's murder. I want my revenge upon them soon, before they die of old age."

-Allow Sartark to pursue private vengance against them.
-Demand wergild for the slaying of Sartark's father.
-Launch a raid against the Blackrocks.
-Tell Sartar that it is not the right time for vengence.
-Tell the Blackrocks to outlaw the men.

The Blackrocks already dislike us. They will not outlaw the men, or pay wergild.

We have no case against the Blackrocks; the killings took place when the men belonged to a far-distant clan. If Sartark kills them, they will have a case against us.

Sartark didn't have much luck when we raided the Blackrocks.

Living cows are more useful than dead enemies.

Sartark will keep asking until we satisfy him - or he may take matters into his own hands, no matter what we say.

Bag King Urgrain's nephew insulted one of his mother's cousins in another clan. Their quarrel grew to include their clans, and caused many weaponthanes on each side to die, before they ever came to blows themselves.

The people sympathize with Sartark's cause, but will not be so happy if it leads us into trouble.