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Part 89: The Worst Raiders

Time to test out our shiny new deathsword!

We may be outnumbered, but we have two advantages: Murdersword and a shitload of magic, both thanks to our heroquest.

Guys, I think we really need to start getting better at this "raiding" thing. The power of the sword just isn't enough.

See you again next year, Sartark!

Oh hey, Gordangar's still alive. I was getting worried that Dark season buried him in the snow. Bluffing doesn't work, but killing the bandits does.

Gordangar comes back from an expedition into the Quivin Mountains. He says he's found the cave lair of a wyrm. Wyrms are dragon-like creatures about the size of a small stead. Gordangar thinks this one is sitting on a mound of treasure.

-Forbid anyone to disturb the wyrm.
-Send a party to give a gift of food to the wyrm.
-Send a party back to kill the wyrm and take the treasure.
-Trade Gordangar's map to the lair to another clan.

Orlanth is a famed dragonslayer. We must emulate his ways.

Wyrms follow the religion of the dragonnewts. They hope to one day be reborn as dragons.

If you want anyone to come back alive, send at least seven weaponthanes along with a strong, crafty leader.

I've never seen a wyrm, but I understand that some of them are fairly intelligent.

I can get a good price for the map.

Wyrms are tough opponents. Killing one requires great experience, bravery, and magic.

Our clan has always been a friend to dragonkind. Staying true to our heritage will enhance our magic.