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Part 90: Weaponthanes!

The Saurus posted:

Do you ever use large caravans, Haif? It seems like you just stick it on medium even if we want to buy/sell a large amount. Is it harder to travel there with a larger caravan?
I didn't do a large caravan here because I don't want to put too much of a dent in our food surplus. Having extra food is always nice to smooth over bad harvest years, after all. And I still have bad memories from first starting to play the game and having most of my clans die because they got into starvation loops.

Sending Elmalandti out on a mission won by an awe-inspiring 1 vote. I'm sending him out for only one season because lengthening the mission doesn't net you that many extra weaponthanes, and Elmalandti is someone we really really want around to give advice.

And now, more weaponthanes! More! If we're unable to win using strategy or magic, we will win with sheer numbers!

...also, we're still apparently short on horses. I should send Jarolor to get more of those once he's back.

Hey, he's back! And now we're up to a respectable total of 19 weaponthanes.

And the year is at its end. The only reason we had a net increase in cows is because of that trade mission!

And here's our omens for the year. We have a shitload of magic, and we've also gone up a notch on the reputation meter!

As usual, decide on our goals for the year.