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Part 91: Refugees

This year's goals: MYSTERIES! COWS! Maybe exploring or something. Unfortunately for us, getting mysteries often involves burning cows, but I'll find a way!

And before I get the chance to get started on any of that, an event happens.

A group of refugees come to our tula, seeking help. They seem to be Orlanthi. "We sought land to the west of here, and were captured and enslaved by cruel horse nomads. Loving freedom, we escaped. Yet our escape has cost us much. We beg you to aid us."

-Adopt them as family.
-Force them to be thralls.
-Send them to a neighboring clan.
-Turn them away.
-Conduct a divination ritual.

Send them to the Woodpeckers. They can protect these people from their former owners, if necessary.

Our ancestors took people like this as thralls, and so should we.

Send them to the Wolves.

We must adopt them!

These refugees must have ended up in the territory of the horse-spawn. (He's recommending a divination ritual. Don't ask how his advice is supposed to read like that, but that's what the game highlights.)

These people are Orlanthi, and should be treated as such.

(Still on a mission to get more weaponthanes to add to the pile)