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Part 92: Vampires

Hey! You're not allowed to run away! Orlanthi value freedom, but we also value slavery! This is not inconsistant at all!

18 free thralls and 5 free magic. Hot damn!

And this brings us up to a more-than-respectable 21 weaponthanes.

Time for more cows. (incidentally, the ring is insisting that we have enough cows that we could even consider *shudder* selling them. But what the hell do they know?)

Jorator, I don't think a single person suggested getting any of Elmal's blessings. You'll just have to deal with me trying to get Truesword.

Yes. Truesword doubles the strength of our weaponthanes. A normal weaponthane fights as well as 5 men. A Truesword weaponthane fights as well as 10 men. Naturally, I'm building a temple for that shit ASAP.

Jarolor got accosted by some bandits on the way there, but got away unscathed in return for having to give them some of our food. We still got more cows, so it's all good.

Orstanor, the young child of carls Jenesta and Orldag, disappears from their stead. A search finds his unconcious body out in the bush. He has two puncture wounds on his neck, and has lost a great deal of blood. The people are afraid that a vampire is loose in the area.

-Conduct a ritual to protect Orstanor from vampire magic.
-Do nothing.
-Sacrifice to Humakt for protection from undead.
-Sacrifice to Urox for protection from chaos.
-Send warriors to hunt the vampire.

Cure the boy first, or the people will be afraid of what he might become. Then, go after the vampire.

Vampires serve the Chaos god Vivamort, who teaches them to infect others with their unliving magic.

The state of undeath is an abomination to Humakt, Lord of Death.

They say vampires are soft, but devious in a fight.

Some say vampires are undead; some say they are Chaos creatures.

They say vampires are hard to track. If this one preys on little boys, it shouldn't be able to stand against true warriors - if we find it.

Both Urox and Humakt despise vampires, because they are undead creatures of chaos. Sacrifice ten cows to either god.