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Part 93: Fire Season

Down 4 magic because of this. Easy come, easy go.

And now, time for permanent Truesword. (or Battle Luck, as if we'd ever choose that instead)

The owners of the escaped thralls you took as your own come to you demanding their return. In halting tradetalk, they tell you that they are the Grazers, the rightful lords of these lands. They have no plans to enthrall you, at least for the moment. But they do intend to reclaim the property you have stolen from them.

-Attack the Grazers immediately.
-Give the thralls back.
-Refuse to return them.
-"We sent your thralls to another clan."
-"We've never seen these thralls of yours."

Dirty Horse-Spawn scum, that's what they are.

These people are foreigners. We owe them nothing. We do owe obligations to our Orlanthi neighbors.

We can beat them.

There is something peculiar about those horses.

Other traders tell me that there are many different clans of the Horse-Spawn. They are hard for us to tell apart.

Those are fine horses.

The gods and spirits favor us.