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Part 94: Drought

So we murdered some horse-spawn, but at great cost. Was it worth it? You deci-HOLY SHIT WE'RE DOWN TO 4 WEAPONTHANES. 24 goods was not worth that. We also used up 2 more magic. Grazers don't fuck around.

Okay, the good news is that our weaponthanes didn't all die, it's just that 11 of them are wounded. And we still don't know Healing because Chalana Arroy wanted to give us every other mystery first. Welp. Here's hoping nobody raids us this turn!

Come ooooonnnnnn


(Resurrection lets us revive recently deceased nobles. It's also NOT HEALING.)

Many weeks have passed without rain. Your once-green pastures are now brown. Your crops are dying. Starvation looms if the drought doesn't end soon.

-Go raiding for extra food.
-Make sacrifices to Heler.
-Petition other clans for food aid.
-Propitiate Daga, enemy god of Drought and Famine.
-Wait out the drought.

We must have offended some god. Daga? Heler? Orlanth? Maybe even all three!

There is no law against raiding other clans when times are dire, but we'll also collect the permanent resentment of our victims if we do.

The drought will have the bellies of the Wildcat weaponthanes grumbling. If we strike before our own men are weakened, we will triumph.

Better to sacrifice cows and end the drought, then to lose them slowly and watch them die pathetically.

This is a time for our neighbors to show us that they are generous, and thereby gain the blessings of Issaries.

We must petition Heler, god of Rain, to end our misery.

Once we solve this crisis, we should sacrifice to Orlanth to learn the secrets of his quest against Aroka.