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Part 95: More Horse-Spawn

Heler: Officially a more helpful god than Chalana Arroy.

Alright, Chalana. The only thing you can possibly teach us now is Healing. There is no escape.

As frustrated as I was getting, I do find it kind of hilarious that Chalana Arroy literally gave us every other possible thing before we got Healing. Now watch as we suddenly turn good at raiding(and at not attacking strange people who show up on the tula) and don't need it anymore.

The only reason we're not completely fucked here is Truesword doubling the strength of our weaponthanes, combined with the mysterious power of Humakt's Murdersword. Yaaaay.

...why is this music starting again? I just got done with the last raid...

...Hey! You're not allowed to raid us twice in a row! That's cheating! This is why nobody likes these dirty sun-god worshipping horselovers. Not like us. We're honorable sun-god worshipping horselovers. Remind me to send the Wolves a gift basket to thank them for all these warnings.

Apparently the second wave was bright enough not to try skirmishing again...but what's this? Elmalandti has an opportunity? But what should we use our Renowned magic noble for?

Oh right, this.

Elmalandti is quickly cementing his position as my favorite ring-member. He gives level-headed advice AND he beats horse-spawn.

Okay, Elmalandti is now officially my favorite ring-member. Sorry Harvar, but have you ever used wind magic to defeat horse-spawn, to the point where we got 40 FREE HORSES? I rest my case. (also, take a minute to stare at the list of casualties of this battle. It's beautiful.)

Anyway, it's still Earth season and a bunch of people are injured so let's have Chalana Arroy take care of that quick.

Before doing anything else, take a moment to admire our giant pile of food. We could go slightly over two years without harvesting anything and still be fed!

Brandig, a thane of the Tree Brother clan, comes to ask you if you know the details of the "Humakt the Champion" story, and if you will share them with his clan. "We wish to improve our ability to move about the realm of the gods," he says. He reminds you that you owe his clan a favor.

-Just make up the details.
-Offer him details of another story instead.
-Tell him what he wants to know.
-"We don't know these details."
-"We know, but we're not going to tell you."

Brandig's clan grows impatient with us, but we must not hurry. We can afford to do what's in our best interest.

We owe them a favor, but need not grant them exactly the favor they request.

If we teach them secrets, they will prosper in the realm of the gods, and may bring back powerful weapons. Make sure they are our allies, and will not use these weapons against us.

Better to tell stories than to have to give them cows.

It costs us nothing to tell a sacred secret.

Mythic secrets of the gods bring great rewards to those who know them.

If we tell lies about the gods, our clan magic will suffer. We don't have to share our knowledge, though.