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Part 96: Dark Season

Yeah, we're so awesome that we got that huge food surplus even with non-functioning crop magic. Pity about the herds, though.

What's that, Maran Gor? You have two awesome blessings we could learn?

You are too kind. (Earthblood increases the fertility of our fields when people are killed on them. That includes us, by the way, so it's basically a big heap of crop fertility whenever anyone raids us! Doubly so now that we have a sword that gives us a bonus to killing as many as possible.)

Blood for the raging earth!

Damned trolls.

Great warriors of the death god Humakt assemble in your clan hall to make you an offer. "The lands around here are rife with undead. It is our duty to Humakt to wipe out these beings, which are anathema to him. Give us permission to range about your tula, slaughtering the unliving wherever they lurk."

-Give permission; gift them if they succeed.
-Give permission; give them gifts.
-Give them permission and sacrifice to Humakt.
-Give them permission.
-Refuse them.

Humakt was once Orlanth's brother, but severed his kinship ties in order to command the weapon called Death.

Humakti are known for their loathing of the undead, and sometimes their scorn for those who do not share it.

They are great warriors. We don't want them angry at us.

If they are such great heroes, why do they travel in packs?

It is one thing to give away wealth, but another thing to give it away for nothing.

They are great warriors.

If we sacrifice to Humakt, they will be likelier to succeed; they will honor us, too.