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Part 97: Storm Season

Note that, despite apparently giving them gifts, we lost no goods or cows beyond what we sacrificed to Humakt.

And now let's see if we can get back some of those cows we burned.

This is the risk of doing things in Storm season. The weather is unpredictable, so this raid could have gone fine, or cold and snow can prevent it from succeeding, as you see here.

We've somehow gotten this far without doing any diplomacy, so I send some gifts off to our fellow Elmal-lovers, the Undaroli. Giving gifts to other clans is important - not only does it make them like you more, but it also shows our generosity. Generous clans have a good reputation, which is important for triggering the midgame.

It also gives Jarolor an excuse to party.

Uh oh. Once we're past the start-of-the-year voting, I'm going to have to increase the amount of pasture for our animals. The cattle and sheep are overcrowded, which is making them malnourished. Since cattle are our wealth and we need sheep for our temples, this is Bad.

The omens are pretty much completely neutral to us this year. A normal harvest, along with increased reliability for the trickster magic we can't use(and yes, I am keeping an eye out for tricksters). Awesome.

With that in mind, it's time to vote for our yearly goals.