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Part 98: Suitors

The people want cows and heroquesting, so they'll get cows and heroquesting. (But not a heroquest involving cows. Fuck Uralda's Blessing.)

There's a lake up north that a couple people wanted to explore, so I send this random old man up there. Have fun, Fantarl! Maybe you'll do something to make us care about you!

Yanioth, a young woman of your clan renowned for her cleverness and beauty, is now of marriageable age. Three suitors come courting her. Olende, of the Orleving clan, promises a gift of ten horses to the clan ring if he can have her hand in marriage. This gift is above and beyond the bride price, and need not be reciprocated. Hendrick, of the Hillhaven clan, says he knows a secret story of the gods, which he will tell you if you let him marry her. And Terasarin, of the Jenestni clan, promises the eternal esteem of his clan in exchange for Yanioth's hand.

-Allow Yanioth to choose.
-Marry her to Olende.
-Marry her to Hendrick.
-Marry her to Terasarin.
-Marry her to the winner of a series of contests.
-Refuse them all.

Our relations with the Jenestni are most in need of improvement, so we should choose Terasarin.

It is the right of the ring to determine marriages. The people will be scandalized if we let her choose.

The Jenestni are strongest on the field of battle, and so we must choose Terasarin.

Olende's clan is known for breeding fine horses. We should let him marry Yanioth.

If we hold contests, people from all around will come to watch. We will receive gifts from other clans.

Orlanth had to pass the greatest test of all when wooing Ernalda. He had to overcome his own ignorance and fear.

Knowing the right myths makes it easier to travel in the realm of the gods. We should choose Hendrick.