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Part 99: Shut Up Sartark

I spend the next turn increasing the amount of pasture, since we don't need our herds dying of starvation. And the crafters were already maxxed - there's no real reason NOT to max crafters at any point, since if the ~50 people not farming make your clan starve, you have bigger problems.

Sartark: My father's deeeeeeaaaadddd!

-Let him murder the murderers so he'll shut up already.
-Try raiding the Blackrocks again. Surely THIS time he'll manage to kill them in the scuffle!
-Demand wergild from the clan that doesn't like us AND that we've raided over this issue twice before.
-Bop Sartark on the nose with a newspaper and tell him his vengance can wait until planting season's over.
-Tell the Blackrocks to outlaw the men who did nothing wrong while they were actually part of the Blackrocks.