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Part 4: Clan Creation Part IV

The Stick Farmers were a primative, ignorant lot, but our ancestors welcomed them as equals, and they soon learned the secrets of Lhankor Mhy and Orlanth. Within a generation, there was no distinction between the two, and we have not taken a single thrall since.

The foes of the Vingkotlings were many, and our people fought hard against them.

Which one in particular did we fight?

Boztakang, the Troll Lord

Ukka Gra, King of the Basmoli Beastmen

Chinkis Mor, the Elf Warlord

Tada the Green, champion of the flat land called Prax

Faralinthor, Salty Lord of the Sea

Ves Venna, Son of Valind, Warlord of the Ice Tribe

Our ancestors really hated these guys. It bred ill-will that lasted to this day.

At least one of the enemies is much stronger than we are. At least one is much more numerous. At least one could potentially be an ally. At least one has strange magics that can destroy our land. All of them can be summoned once the game is rolling with the ritual, "Summons of Evil," which calls forth an army of our enemy to kill. All of them have unique special events that we'll eventually have to deal with. None of them make the game impossibly difficult.

Defeating our ancestral enemies earns our clan magic and fortune. Befriending them is a great way to really torque off our ancestors, far more than just getting a ritual wrong or breaking custom.