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Part 101: Orlanth and Aroka Again: Part IV

The first foe is Gargath the bad wind. Gargath buffeted Ortossi with the full force of his greatest weapon, the awesome Wind From Above, tearing the flesh from Ortossi's face and scalp. Ortosi withstood this punishment, and returned it in the form of a punch with the power of the stars. Gargath was stunned, and Ortossi quickly took possession of the Wind From Above.

The second enemy is the troll avenger. With seven blows of his flint-toothed Klanth, Ortossi slew the trolls, and took their weapon, the soul-cutting Darkwind.

The third enemy is the mysterious Dark Woman. Does Ortossi fight the Dark Woman, or try to seduce her?



The legends may be of some small help.