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Part 118: 1339: Dragonewt Rituals

There once was a woman from the Blue Jays, who always wanted a roll in the hay. So I slept with her twice, and am infested with lice! Your women are nasty I do say.

Damn! Turns out Arnbord isn't very funny, and Garstal can only rhyme convincingly in the rat language.

As you can see, even as they lie in ruins, tula burning, cows stolen, the Blue Jays are still staunch trading partners. The merchants live in a world of their own.

We have to raid SOMEONE. And the Blackrock are both nearby and have committed the crime of not liking us!

Welp! That was anticlimactic.

A trio of strange beings has eluded your patrols. These lizard-men are probably the dragonewts you've heard legends about. For twelve hours they have been enacting a mysterious ritual on your lands.

Clear the area until they leave.

Conduct a ritual to counter their magic.

Try to communicate with them.

Try to kill them.

Watch them until they leave.

By Maran Gor's trembling thighs, there shall be no overgrown salamanders cavorting about beside our creek bed!

Dragonewts are very strange indeed.

We could bribe them... if we figure out what a dragonewt wants.

Maybe I could communicate with them.

"When in the fields, a man should never be more than an inch from his weapons."

These arn't the toughest dragonewts. These are the weakest ones.

Hey! They're stealing our honey!