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Part 130: 1340: Women Troubles

I think we're done here.

We are forming Tribe Garstali.

Here are the potential recruits to our totally awesome tribe. For our first hire, I'm going straight for the cooks the Rangdani, our closest (physically) allies. Feel free to start bickering about who we should pursue next... and if you think the Blue Jays would make good tribe members, this is an excellent chance to bury the hatchet.

Well! Crisis over! We even have enough food for a quick feast or two to make us more popular with our neighbors.

Ortossi has been nursing his broken hand for long enough, thank you. A quick prayer to Chalana Arroy patches him right up, at a steep cost.

Chalana Arroy has healed me! How goes the tribe-making?

Wonderfully! The prophet came again, we've started talks with our neighbors, and by a unanimous vote we've named it Tribe Garstali.

What? Ring of Kuchulainn, how did this happen?

I was away at the time.

I had had a few of the known drinks the night before--I don't remember the vote too well.

Someone had set fire to the shrine to Issaries! I had spent the day blessing and renewing it.

The elves are coming! I've fortified the wheat fields, but we need to send out soldiers.

Garstal gave me a cow to vote with him.

You drive me to kinstrife, trickster.

Hey, before you act on that? I've organized an angry mob to see you.


A delegation of the clan's prominent men complain to the ring that their rights are not being respected. "The women have grown ill-tempered and insulting. They taunt us as we attempt to perform our progenitive duties. Something must be done to curb their improper behavior."

Hold a feast in honor of the men.

Sacrifice to male ancestors.

Scold the women for their improper behavior.

"This is not a matter for the ring."

Remove Garstal from the ring.

Urge Garstal to curb his criticism of women.

Remind women that it takes both men and women to make a family, and families to make a clan.

Women should show proper respect for men.

Let the bulls snort around for a while, until they get tired. Then forget them.

The fires of discontent have been fanned by Garstal and his constant criticism of the women. It will be hard to convince him to relent.

To love a false man is to fall into a well, but some women are treacherous as well.

This is a mere distraction. We must increase patrols, to fend off attacks by the treacherous elves!

They are right! The women have committed gross offenses against the men!