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Part 134: 1340: Succesful Negotiations

Second verse, same as the first. A little bit louder, a whole lot more concessions to greedy cook jerks.

Much better!

Right, we were choosing a new tribe member.

e:When I reloaded, turns out I was behind the Garstal rallies the impotent dudes event. So I had to do a different random event where Rangdani women ask us to kill Badger men and I kinda did it without you guys, figured we should get back to tribemaking. in a spirit of completeness, here is that event's record in the save game chronicles.

Clan History posted:

Women from the Rangdani clan came to urge us to help them prosecute a feud against the Badgers. We offered to make peace between the feuding clans. The women were skeptical, but said we could try to make peace between the two clans. After many meetings with both clan rings, we persuaded them to bargain together. They made peace, and each clan thanked us. They competed in giving us gifts.