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Part 139: 1340: Badger Tribal Negotiations

A quick temple to Humkat goes up, and we have the Oath miracle running.

Humakt's temples look badass.

Your emissaries approach the leadership of the Badger clan, known for worshipping the sun god Elmal as their chief god. You ask them if they wish to join your new tribe. "There is often tension between Elmal clans and Orlanth clans, who do not respect us properly. A pledge of respect for Elmal must be contained in the new tribe's rites of kingship. Each clan must sacrifice to Elmal each holy season. We must be guaranteed two seats on the tribal council, in perpetuity."

Abandon negotiations.

Agree to pledge in rites of kingship.

Agree to sacrifice to Elmal.

Demand that they teach their sun magic to warriors of the other clans.

Guarantee them a seat on the council.

Give gifts.

They are weaker than we are. We'd have to spend all of our time rescuing them.

Orlanth clans often clash with Elmal clans, and with good reason. Elmal must remain the loyal thane, and may not usurp Orlanth's privilages.

Our best warriors will get better if we learn the Elmali spells.

The other clans will not want to sacrifice too much to Elmal.

They are poor, and we are wasting our time with them.

Elmal guarded Orlanth's hearth when the Great Darkness fell upon the world, and Orlanth had to reawaken the gods killed by Chaos.

I still don't even care.

Try to get them in the tribe? If we do, do we agree to sacrifice to Elmal, and do we give them piles of treasure for their help? They're kind of a trifling clan, so maybe we only accept them if it doesn't cost us much.