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Part 141: 1340: Apple Tribal Negotiations

Horse nomads again? Guess we'll kick 'em around like we did last time.

Curses! We killed eleven and injured twenty more, and they still made off with horses and goods!

I will remember this insult, horse spawn.

Here I was hoping to get the Curing miracle to cure all the diseases our tula is rampant with, but I got Resurrection instead. Resurrection sounds awesome, but it doesn't work if your clan noble dies while exploring, while on a god quest, or of old age, and that's how nobles die.

By the way, we're in the second half of dark season. Check out all that goddamn food! The Earthblood ritual is pretty incredible if you see a lot of combat--and the Kuchulainn certainly have a lot of enemies.

Your emissaries approach the eccentric Clan Apple, known for its peculiar custom of favoring female chieftains. They seem interested in joining the tribe. They offer to give magical power to the other clans, and to share their many warriors as well. In return, they want the right to tutor the female children of the tribe's thanes. Finally, they want a provision that one in four monarchs will be a queen who worships Vinga, the female warrior.

Abandon negotiations.

Accept gift of magic.

Accept warriors.

Agree to tutoring of daughters.

Agree to Vingan queens.

Give gifts.

Don't ask for more than five warriors for each clan.

It is strange indeed to have a clan that prefers female chieftains. The Apples are the only such clan I have ever heard of.

The magic of the Apples is strong.

Of everything they ask, they most want Vingan queens.

The other clans will not be happy. How can we know there will always be a deserving female candidate?

Who knows what strange magics the Vingans know?

Yes, Vingan queens! Let us also have Trickster kings!

Tricky. They have a lot to offer, but their primary demand might piss off the other clans. They're the last clan we're going to talk to, so we can give them ever good in the goods pile and a handful of cows besides.

Yea or Nay?