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Part 143: 1340: Choosing a King

Mr Tan posted:

This is a little behind, but I'm looking at the Apple clan's illustration, and ... is that a woman wearing a fake beard in the background??

Apples get tricksters too, you know.

The tribe is formed! Now we must choose a king.

A sad note: to get support to be king, you must give lots of gifts. We don't have lots of gifts, because we just gave lots of gifts to everyone to form a tribe. We may not be able to afford becoming king at the moment. But we can accept gifts from everyone who just got a pile of gifts and is now trying to become king!

Now that you have other clans wanting to join with you and become a tribe, you must choose a king. The king must be able to lead and protect the people of the tribe; he or she must be strong and generous. Once a candidate is chose, that candidate must design and complete a sacred rite unique to your tribe. All future kings will have to undergo these rites as well.

Nominate a member of your clan.

Support a candidate from the clan most obligated to you.

Support a candidate from the strongest fighting clan.

Support the candidate who is the most generous to you.

Wait, then throw support to whoever seems poised to win.

Even though I feel that I could lead the tribe, we must better our relations first.

It is rare for two consecutive kings to be chosen from the same clan. There is no point in waiting--let us seize the glory now!

We only select a nominee. The gods and spirits who oversee the rites of kingship truly choose the king.

Only a rich clan can play the game of kings.

It is better to support a king and get cows, than to be a king and give cows.

The main reason to form a tribe is mutual protection, so we must provide the king.

Allow me to test my eloquence!