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Part 145: 1340: The Trials of Queenship

That'll teach them to give us so few gifts! Now someone who gave us... even fewer gifts... hmm.

At least it's the awesome Wolf clan, getting exactly what we promised them they would get.

The time has come for Minara, the first queen of the Garstali tribe, to undergo the rites of kingship. Because this is a new tribe, the magicians and priests have had some latitude in designing the rites. Future kings will have to follow them precisely. If she fails to complete these rites, she loses all claim to the throne. It is also possible that the candidate will be harmed by enemies attracted by the magic of the rite, or devoured by angry spirits if she proves unworthy.

Make sure the tribal regalia is good enough.

Lend your magic to aid Minara in her rites.

Secretly use your magic to hinder the candidate.

Enjoy this historic occasion.

Sacrifice to the gods in aid of the candidate.

With a tribe comes war, and so it should be. Let the warriors celebrate now, for soon they will have to fight.

Whatever we do, it is important that we show support for the tribe, and not just our own reputation.

Everyone knows that a tribe is doomed to fail if its magical regalia is not strong enough.

It will be hard to convince the other clans to add to the tribal regalia. We will have to add to it ourselves.

We have given away enough cows already. The gods will have to be satisfied with the sacrifices of others.

The regalia is the important thing here.

We could use bad magic to stop her from becoming queen.

If you feel we should give to the regalia, be sure to say what exactly we should give... the Klanth of Orlanth, the Juggling Balls of Ermal, the Splendorbread of Ernalda, or the Raven Banner of Humakt.