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Part 149: 1341: Choosing a Successor

Sheep are not an immediate concern.

The magic is spent, and it's away we go!

This was the crazy bald man with the great beard I tried to send to Kero Fin once.

I'll be sending off lots of expeditions this year, at least ONE of them will reach that faraway mountain.

We're about to do a heroquest (end of the Earth season) and the question is, who will we start grooming as our next clan chief? We've got two possibilities, and they're both pretty anemic--neither has any skill at all at Plant, they're ranked fourth and fifth clanwide in combat, the first is eighth in leadership while the second is tenth in bargaining. We have only seventeen named nobles, but neither ranks in the top 58% for a third skill.

Korlaman is renowned throughout the tribe as the prettiest man born in living memory. Even though he has had education and training lavished upon him from an early age, he has never shown much interest in scholarly works, preferring to split his time between flirting with the ladies and getting into fights. Because he values his appearance so much, he became a renowned fighter--ever since the tribe moved to Dragon Pass, he has not suffered a single injury in the dozens of fights he's been in.

Umathkar was born angry, screaming even as she came out of her mother's womb. Most of her childhood she spent angrilly proving that a woman is every bit as strong as a man, constantly injuring her peers in what should have been simple childhood scraps. She never could defeat the older Korlaman, though, a fact which drove her to rage. Eventually she sought advice from Garstal, and simply burned down Korlaman's stead. She takes to her studies as if learning a new skill is a battle, and has been known to viciously attack any writings that confuse her for too long.