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Part 154: Humakt the Champion: Part I

The voting was close, but we decided to try another poem.

It worked out pretty well! Now we just have to figure out why the Wolf clan felt like being such whiny bitches. My guess? They took one look at chubby there and didn't really care what clan he was from.

Or they were upset about their finest noble dying to spirits.

It's the end of the Earth season, so now we gather to send Umathkar into the godrealm. You may notice the favor/allies system is gone from this screen... now, we don't ask for a single clan to send a handful of worshipers. We tell the tribe it's god time, and they all send most of their god talkers to assist. This makes heroquests much, much easier--now they're only extremely dangerous.

The people have gathered their magic to help propel Umathkar into the place of the gods, with the assistance fo 78 worshippers from our tribe. Umathkar is not a worshipper of Humakt, but people hoped she could succeed anyway.

This myth begins with Humakt's discovery of the thing called Death. In order to properly command this dangerous new power, Humakt severs his kin ties, and ceases to be Orlanth's brother. Orlanth comes and demands that Humakt give him the Death Weapon, but Humakt refuses until Orlanth pays him proper respect, and finds a new place for him in Orlanthi society.

What benefit does Umathkar seek from this heroquest?

Bring back a treasure.

Gain Humakt's blessing in tribal war.

Gain Humakt's blessing in raids.

Strike a blow against the undead.

Teconcile the grievances of the weaponthanes.

Strengthen the quester.

The legends may be of some small help.