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Part 177: 1343: Bayberrys Seek Vengence

Mystic Mongol posted:

Whadda we do 'bout deze translations?

Davincie posted:

Do we have all fortifications yet? We should build more fortifications. You can never have enough.

Goddamn single issue voters, they're never aware of what's at stake in an election. They just vote their issue, and are confused when politicians respond by never legislating it.

It cost FOUR MAGIC!? Those jerks had better love us for this.

Anyway, I send an attack against the Blue Jays. They're on the ropes... it's an easy victory.

Pay attention to those numbers. We killed or crippled every single able-bodied warrior they had.

A brief exploration fails completely.

Brandgor, a thane of the Bayberry clan, sweeps into your hall, four grim warriors at his side. Last season, his nephew, Hand Aslandarsson, was killed by Orlmar Half-Foot, a memeber of your clan. Brandgor demands 30 cows as compensation for his Kinsman's death.

"Nobody from clan Kuchulainn killed Hend!"

Give him 10 cows.

Give him 20 cows.

Give him 30 cows.

Refuse to pay.

Take the matter up at the next tribal moot.

A young warrior of his rank is worth 20 cows in wergild. However, Orlmar and his brother suffered injuries in the incident, worth 10 cows.

We can stop this getting worse.

30 cows would feed 4 families.

We don't need more killing.