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Part 18: 1330: Spirit Talkers

Hey, guys, I made friends with a Wyrm, and it let me ride on its back, and I won its treasure at craps, and it gave me this great armband! It says Best Friends Forever on it, in the draconic script, which is invisible to human eyes.

Do you hear the trees shaking, as if a great wind were sweeping though, but the air hangs still? This is the sound our ancestors, striking themselves upon the forehead with their palms.

No sooner did Garstal return...

Two spirit-talkers seek audience with the council to see if the council has need of their services. Spirit-Talkers are Orlanthi, but they are tied to no clan, and wander around in the wilderness. Their magic is a little different from what you are used to; they deal with spirits, not gods. They are Strangers, meaning that they are not of your clan, but can be trusted to follow normal customs and belifs.

"Begone! You are strange and weird!"

"Protect us from the undead."

"Sell us a spirit-fetch or two."

"We have no need of spirit-talking, but we shall feed you."

A spirit fetch is an item that replenishes our magic after we use it up.

We can certainly afford their services.

These mangy curs aren't worthy of our time, much less our silver.