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Part 195: 1345: Tarkala's Bethrothal

Magic is better spent than saved--especially considering how much we're hoping to get done this year.

That's the second time they've moved, right? Makes hunting them down and killing them a bit difficult. I'll figure out where they are now in the Fire season.


Anyway, I've sent Rostardos to befriend the first of our two feuding neighbors, with a fine gift of horses. A staggeringly huge one, actually.

And it worked wonderfully!

Venharl and his wife Ernaldinni, of your clan, seek your blessing in the marriage of their daughter, Tarkala, to Ordag, son of the chieftain of the Rangdani. Venharl is please with the match, and with Ordag's bride price of 15 cows worth of good.

Allow the marriage only if Ordag comes up with additional gifts.

Bless the marriage.

Bless the marriage, and offer to pay 5 cows worth of additional gifts.

Disallow the marriage.

Suggest that Orlgard would be a better match for Tarkala.

A good match. The Rangdani are our allies, and this union would cement that alliance.

Assuming we can afford it, we should match the generosity of the Rangdani, thus gaining status and respect.

Tarkala is the lovliest and sweetest bride we have to offer. Surely the Rangdani can pay a bride price more in keeping with her fine qualities.

Can anyone spot the big change this year brought?