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Part 202: Embarking on a New Quest

Nice little take here... fifty five goods from two candidates.

With any luck the aspiring king Garrath will die here, giving us a shot at questing with Umathkar.

...maybe we can... tip the scales, a little.

The new king has been chosen, and now it is time for Garrath of the Badgers to undergo the rites of kingship. It is a time of celebration, yet also of some suspense; it is possible that Garrath will be harmed by enemies attracted by the magic of the rite, or devoured by angry spirits if he fails to precisely replicate the rites laid down by the founder of the tribe.

Sacrifice to the gods to aid Garrath.

Why does Garrath get to be king? Why did no one choose me?

I accidentally clicked on the wrong place when collecting opinions of the ring, so... yeah, I chose for us. Whups! Sorry!

In any case, it's Heroquest time. We have two choices.

It is time for me to perform Orlanth founds the Storm Tribe, so I become a powerful leader. We let this opportunity pass us by--let's be ready for the next one!

Send me to perform Humakt the Champion! I may be old, but my skill with the sword and base cunning will make me a fine war leader--far more dangerous than that stripling could hope to be. She doesn't even have a phallus.