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Part 203: Formation of the Storm Tribe Abridged

Time for another heroquest! Let's delve deep into--wait.

This is a heroquest we've done before. Time to fast forward!

That's a nice beard there, Umathkar.

Sadly, her stats are not astounding, but merely good. If we continue like this, she'll eventually become a god among men, true.... but I want her to split mountains with her mighty attack womb NOW. Waiting is for chumps!

Make up your mind, you grouchy bastard.

I want Fedarkos back on the ring, just so these foolish words don't have to soil your perfect lips.

Is that inappropriate?

First month of the dark season, and I've appeased the 'public works' faction.

Orngerin, the daughter of a thane, is causing trouble for the ring. She seems to do nothing but agitate against your decisions. She has convinced the carls that you favor the weaponthanes, and the weaponthanes that you favor the carls. She says that you have dishonored clan ancestors, that your rulings are unjust, and that your management of the clan's wealth leaves much to be desired.

Ignore the situation.

Offer her compensation in return for her silence.

Outlaw her.

Persuade her that her words harm the unity of the clan.

Threaten her with outlawry.

Try to marry her off to another clan.

Her complaints are unjustified. Nonetheless, the mood of the people will continue to deteriorate if we do not take strong action.

Send her to the Blue Jays. That'll start a good, honest battle.

She is consumed by spite, and no one knows why. It is unlikely that any argument will satisfy her.

Everyone says that the weaponthanes love her, but I can think of no particular weaponthane who does.

Errath, the Tragic King, failed to act against an enemy in his own clan. That enemy turned out to be mad; she triggered an avalanch, and many of Errath's tribe were buried.

Oh, she doesn't really mean any harm by her words. I rather admire her gumption!

Oh, Garstal, when did you become so OLD?