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Part 206: 1346: Alirene and the Dragonewts

And another year begins. This year the omens tell us we're all going to die, so I'm sending our few weaponthanes to the far reaches of Dragon Pass to find dangerous and hostile beasts, instead of staying home to protect our weak and easily broken carls and cotters.

Although a good chance for some peace from eternal warfare just showed up.

In order to ensure a cessation of hostilities, I offered them some very favorable surrender conditions, which they accepted.

I am honored to be recognized by my peers as the foremost historian in Dragon Pass.

Pretty nice! I think it's time to introduce you to a new lore I like to call, "Women."

Vex me not with your vile poison, trickster!

Yeah, you're right. We shouldn't get your hopes up.

I could have sacrificed to get the Pathfinder blessing, but that would take a month, and I don't feel like waiting, so I simply ordered the Vinga temple to change focus for the time being.

And operation: Map Dragon Pass begins with another quick review of the homestead!

...I'm still hoping to get the net magic item.

The exploration mission to the northwest has returned. Alirene, one of the weaponthanes you sent on that mission, reports that the area is full of dragonewts. "We found one interesting place there. A temple of sorts. Had a silver statue of a dragon, with gems for eyes. Let's send a group there to steal it and bring it back."

Compose a poem to commemorate Alirene's adventure.

Forget the incident.

Hire mercenaries to get the treasure for you.

Send a party to steal the statue.

Tell another clan about this opportunity.

We could trade such a treasure for many cows!

Even if mercenaries manage to outwit and outfight the dragonewts, they'll simply take the treasure for themselves.

It is a tricky situation. The more men we send the more likely the dragonewts will discover them. But if the party is discovered, they will need many men to successfully fight the dragonewts.

This sounds like another way to pull farmers away from planting and lose them forever in some foreign place.

Only I can lead the party, for I am tricky enough to succeed.