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Part 208: 1346: Suspicious Cattle

I like sending out three weaponthanes--combined with a noble who's a decent combatant, that's enough to defeat most gangs of bandits by simply attacking them. I don't bother posting every time the nobles slaughter a bunch of punks, because that's tiresome, but it happens pretty much every other exploration trip.

Anyway, we were dealing with domestic violence. The decision of the ring?

Missing File: IsThemBroos001.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

This guy needs to shut up and go away.

Anyway, with the start of the Fire season it's time for our explorers to start going further afield.

Looks like we're not the only clan desperately looking for the point to Kero Fin.

That little bit of diplomacy reminds me--here's the current political layout of the pass.

I send out Korlaman to follow up in Kero Fin.

Broyan the Noisy, a wandering holy warrior of Urox, has decided that the herds of Aski may be infected by chaotic broos. If he's right, the cattle certainly must be destroyed; otherwise, they'll breed monsters. If he's wrong, however, you'll be losing valuable cattle for no good reason.

Destroy Aski's cattle.

Persuade Broyan that he is mistaken.

Question Broyan to see if you can trust his judgement.

Send Broyan away.

Conduct a ritual to test the herd's health.

The magic of Uralda, the Cow Mother, will tell us if anything is wrong with the herd.

Chaos is rampant. Broyan is probably right.

Let's leave the cows and see what happens. If broos come out, we could learn much by fighting them.

If we push the Storm Bulls too far, we can expect an attack from a platoon of legendary berserkers. We could not survive such an attack.

"A kind word costs less than an apple."

Couldn't we feast on the destroyed cows?