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Part 211: 1346: Wolfskin Raiders

Purchased: One Scarf.

Unfortunately, while that useless wench who constantly tries to steal the seat of chief is off with a fair number of my weaponthanes, the tusk raiders attack. I give the order to dig deep into our magical reserves--

--and they're beaten silly.

Strange and primitive warriors get past your patrols to take two cows from you. The wolfskin-clad raiders are so bold that they butcher the cows on the spot, rather than taking them away. The carls are sure this will happen again.

Find their camp and talk peace with them.

Find their camp and launch a raid against them.

Have hunters hunt and trap them.

Tell the other clans that you want many wolf skins.

Track down and kill these particular raiders.

These creatures are the Telmori. They turn into wolves once a week. It's impossible to tell a Telmori from a true wolf when they're out howling under the moon.

If they turn into wolves, they can be hunted like wolves.

We have enough strange enemies now.

The wolf folk are easy for us to beat, but difficult to bring into a fight.

Ever notice how none of these beast-men ever try to steal our barley?