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Part 215: 1346: Sacred Time

That is magical, Ham Pants. Unfortunately, events conspire to prove it inaccurate.

Child, step forward. Into your hands I pass the clan--lead us with honor and strength.

It is with pride and joy that I take this clan from you, elder. First, I will correct the single greatest error you made in your rulings.

Oh? And what mistake would that be?

Removing the only person on the ring who cared about the Elves!

I am strangely joyous that I will not be on the ring to see this collapse.

Don't just leave me here!

And the title of chief has been passed to the next generation.

Immediately, Umathkar is given a chance to prove her worthiness!

And again, enemies of the clan appear, bringing hatred and destruction with them!

Seriously, where are the wretched border guards? Stop it with the known drinks, guys!

Clearly we're short weaponthanes, so I have some more recruited.

It's good to have you back, Fedarkos. Korstardos just isn't as compelling when he tells me our tula is on the edge of collapse.

Umathkar appears to be the herald of a new age of battle.


You know the drill... we will be performing another stat-up heroquest in this year, and no, it won't be a new one.

Search our Tula and get a Grey Net someday, maybe.

Search Kero Fin endlessly.

Bother the beast men of Beast Valley.

Search the strange Dragonewt Wilderness.

Search the far reaches of Dragon Pass.

Buy treasures.

Establish trading routes.

Stomp on our enemies (please specify enemies).

Ally with our tribe members.

Recruit vagabonds to refill our clan's soldiers.

Also... I'm pleased to announce the first

King of Dragon Pass Avatar Contest!

Or at least the first one that I actually put some thought into and didn't hope that no one won.

Dragon Pass is known for its music--we've seen two albums by Ortossi's own heavy metal band, Windslayer. But what other albums have been released by the Kuchulainn... or even other residents of Dragon Pass? Post those album covers!

Best album gets an avatar to commemorate Ortossi's rule. I'm going to prefer an album cover that uses in-game art. There's not much in-game art online, but there's plenty of it in this thread at full resolution.

e: I guess I should have an end time.... Sunday at 10 pm est? I guess?