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Part 22: 1331: The Cabbage Ducks

I forgot to explain magic in combat. Basically, for each point you spend in War at the start of the year, you get a bonus. You get this same bonus for every point you spend at the start of a battle, only if you spend it then you only get it for that battle. Anyway, I neglected to ask how much magic to spend on this raid, so I decided to spend one.

Apparently it paid off, with a resounding victory for the Kuchulainni! As you can see, raids are not terribly lethal in this game, as we are all related and not REALLY all that interested in killing one another.

Oh, someone mentioned an Orlanth blessing that enhanced the effectiveness of skirmishers. This is "THUNDERSTONE," which makes your non hunter skirmishers (slingers) sling slingstones of thunder, making them as effective as your hunter skirmishers. (archers)

I didn't feel like putting this up for a vote--seems like a waste. You guys aren't interested in peace with the Jenestni clan, so freeing the captives is foolish. We aren't slave takers, and killing them is pointlessly antagonistic. In any case, you get five goods for each captured prisoner--assuming the clan wants them back. Not buying back captives pisses the HELL out of their clan mates, so if our boys ever go to jail, I strongly suggest buying them back. You don't want the men thinking we value pots more than we value them.

A scouting party discovers rich farmland not far from your stead. It is inhabited by strange beast folk who behave sort of like Orlanthi and call themselves the Cabbage Ducks. For once, both warriors and carls agree: It would be a fine thing to drive these small, inhuman creatures from this fertile valley and claim it as our own.

Approach the ducks and offer them a peace pact.

"Each year, you must give us enough food to feed 50 people."

"Each year, you must give us enough food to feed 150 people."

Demand that the ducks cede you half their land.

Launch a surprise attack against the puny ducks.

The ducks know their home terrain. Many a brave man has been humiliated because he underestimated his foe.

The ducks appear to practice a corrupted version of Orlanthi ways.

Let's not be too bold. You never know what strange magic members of the Elder Races might wield.

Demand tribute, but not so much that they feel resistance is the only recourse. It is better to gain something for no effort than everything at too high a price.

It is not as if we will lose the respect of the clans if we displace these creatures.

These ducks are not of our kind. We owe no obligations to them.

Carls and fighters agree on something for once, and we think of denying them? If we don't attack the ducks, we will be deafened by the grumbling.