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Part 227: 1347: Blackrock Insults

Priest! Were the sacrifices successful?


I'll give up exploring the tula soon, I promise.

The tribute due from the Blackrocks has not arrived. When our patrols find a traveling thane of the Blackrock clan, Varmand, they bring before the clan ring. When asked why our yearly gift is not hear, Varmand says he is not on his clan's ring, and cannot truly speak for him. Our glowering warriors prompt him to opine that his kin probably are counting on us to ignore them. After letting Varmand go on his way, you must decide what to do about the Blackrocks.

Let matters lie.

Raid them to show that you still consider their tribute due.

Send an emissary to remind them of their obligation.

The Blackrocks can field about as many warriors as we can.

It is folly to expect them to pay tribute forever. We have profited well, and should let the matter lie.

Let me find out why they think they can get away with this -- and then convince them otherwise.

What if we lose more than we gain by raiding? We should let this matter lie.