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King of Dragon Pass

by Mystic Mongol

Part 228: 1347: Sacred Time

Oh, you jerkfaces. You're going to get raided SO HARD!

Eurmal's balls.

Oh, those cheeky monkeys! Sure, their raid failed, but clearly they're better at navigating the blizzards than we are.

At this point, I think it's safe to assume that our enemies are all in league with one another.

The signs from the gods are largely neutral this year, so...

Continue to explore the tula, angry and lost, awash in a sea of desperation and hatred, until the day we find the gray net or the day our clan flounders in an ocean of trolls!

Establish trade routes.

Explore Dragon Pass.

Explore a key location (please specify... Kero Fin, Dragonewt wilds, Dwarf lands, beast lands, prax, etc etc etc)

Curb stomp a clan.

Buy treasures.

Recruit a few vagabonds to patch up our raiding numbers.

Recruit large numbers of people, including children, to patch up our raiding numbers.

Learn the secrets of the gods.

Also! Have the goons given up? Has the sight of the Drink the Wind CD so unmanned you that you cower in your huts? Even if you can't win, brandish your photoshops and your MS paints and fight for the Dragon Pass Avatar Thingamabob! Orlanth demands nothing less from you.