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Part 234: 1348: Magical Foxes

The people may not be happy, but the fact that our clan magic has grown means that our ancestors are. And that means this really is our boy! Hooray!

It's the fire season, and you all know what that means.

First, we kill lots and lots of Blackrocks.

Then, we burn down their tula. Oddly, we killed more burning down their houses than we did killing them. I guess we took away their places to hide.

After two successful raids, a celebratory punch-up is held.

Then, more raids--in a MAGICAL DIMENSION. We can call on the wind spirits as allies when planning a raid, but we can't use them defensively, which makes me wonder what we'll use them for. It's not like there's a clan anywhere in Dragon Pass stronger than us.

I hope the game isn't trying to play up Horse Spawn as some great threat, because they do nothing but lose.

While foraging for berries in the bush, women of the clan encounter a talking fox. In halting Tradetalk, it tells them that it will protect them from the spirits of the wood if the clan agrees not to clear any more of the forest for five years. The clan must also agree to stop hunting foxes for that period. The fox warns that the spirits will be very angry if the clan doesn't comply. It tells them it will be waiting for them the next day, when they have talked with the other "two-legs."

Agree not to clear land.

Agree not to hunt foxes.

Agree to both conditions.

Capture the fox and sacrifice it to the gods.

Capture the fox and trade it to another clan.

Tell people to avoid the fox.

The fox pelts we take each year are valuable in trade, and keep us warm.

Although they are rare, every type of animal has especially intelligent individuals who can talk, and even cast magical spells.

A talking fox might be worth ten cows.

We can't kowtow to the creatures of the forest, we need to clear more land to feed our people.

The fox is one of Eurmal's favorite animals. He would be honored by the sacrifice of a talking one.