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Part 239: 1349: Treasure Auction

That's uncanny. I guess we should be looking for the other members of Dethklok, then?

Anyway, I did the game this morning, and Vinga was winning back then, so... gotta disappoint all the Orlanthi in the audience.

God speed, Derik Single-Path! Kill millions of Sable Riders and return to us a champion, decked out in magical loot! We don't want you back unless you have at least three treasures, young man.

The fire season had begun, so it was time for the annual kicking of the ass. This year's target was the Blue Jays.

The Jays are on the far end of the map, which means we have to ally with twelve clans or we have to pay a toll for every raid. The toll is economically plausible--the alliances are not, especially considering the Jenestni are among the clans we'd have to befriend.

Our back-and-forth gives us a resounding double victory, complete with free horses. Good show!

Randalyar has invited traders from three different clans to auction off fabulous treasures at your clan market. He has also invited traders and nobles of other clans to bid on these items. "Of course, we really ought to acquire them all ourselves," he explains, "But they insisted on an auction. Estabos brings a box of Perpetual Flour, which will help feed a clan in perpetuity. Oranda sells an Amulet of Consolation, which brings encouragement to those who deal with troublesome people. And Desrada wishes to auction a rare copy of The Poem Which Must Be Eaten, which provides to its devourer many valuable insights on the building of good relations between clans."

Bid on one or more of the treasures.

Encourage your people to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Give gifts to other clans.

Seek advantageous marriages.

It is time to celebrate!

Marriage is a legal agreement between clans, one that binds them together.

We must own all of these magical treasures.

The Amulet of Consolation can tenderize the rough meat of failure, or sweeten the honey of success.

A box of perpetual flour would feed fifteen people each year.

If we do not throw up, it is not a proper party.