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Part 256: 1350: Plague!

Korstardos kinda dropped the ball here--hardly anyone likes this offer. Fortunately, we're dripping with magic, a heroic bargainer, and specialized treasure, so even a bad offer is usually accepted.

We're now allied with four of our five tribe-mates, so it's clear what we need to do next...

Send Ortossi out to get the Grey Net!

I just don't like the Badgers very much.

A plague has stricken your tula. About 57 have caught the disease so far. They are weak and unable to exert themselves; some of them are barely able to remain conscious. They are feverish; those with more advanced cases also suffer from a painful pox which erputs on their skins. Several children have died.

Go to the Red Fox temple to sacrifice to Chalana Arroy.

Propitiate Malia, goddess of disease.

Sacrifice to Chalana Arroy at your temple.

Send for shamans to chase away the disease spirits.

Tend to the suffering as well as you can.

We can afford to sacrifice a few cows.

Malia is the dreaded goddess of disease, one of the Unholy Trio of deities who brought about the Great Darkness and destroyed Orlanth's time of justice.

A sacrifice to Malia guarantees success, if you sacrifice enough. But if you start propitiating her, you must keep doing it forever. Best to sacrifice to Chalana Arroy.

A bargain with Malia will be worse than the plague!

Malia would get results cheaply. Give her five cows.