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Part 258: 1350: Return of the Spirit Talkers

Rangpur posted:

More to the point, what the fuck is an 'Urban Dented Paw?'

This was no mere summer fever--this disease was clearly the work of Malia. To counter it, I paid dearly--one good for every sick man, or 57 goods in total.

It worked.

Two wandering spirit-talkers visit our tula. Among their pots, roots, and balms is a magic charm that will, "Bestir lazy bones and cause a great heat among the wearer and all those near the one who wears it." They offer this charm for free. When asked to explain why, the younger shaman says, "For most of my years I have heard rumors that your tribe was destined for greatness. Perhaps this charm will help you hurry so you can live out your destiny."

Leave! You are odd and your speech is disturbing!"

"What is the meaning of this?"

Take the charm, gift them in return.

"We will seek our destiny in our own way, at our own pace."

"We do not need your spirit-talker gossip, but we shall feed you anyway, as befits Orlanthi generosity."

"Thank you, we need no magic items, but will bear what you say in our hearts, and feed you before you go."

The weaponthanes are edgy, for the shaman cuts close to the bone on this matter.

Spirit talkers talk directly to spirits, including our own ancestors.

Something for free? Tempting, but will we get what we pay for?

Bad King Urgrain refused to listen to magicians, god-talkers, or spirit-talkers. Then the gods made him stone deaf.

And you think I'm strange?

PS: I think this may be the second longest thread on the subforum, after the sandcastle--I just surpassed Harvest Moon. God bless you, low content posts and constant voting!

PPS: Whups, nope, still a few deeper in the forum who are up a few hundred posts. I'll have to knock that out this weekend.