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Part 260: 1350: Sacred Time

IMJack posted:

Did taking that charm boost your magic to 12? Or did I miss some other event that did that?

That sounds plausible.

Score! Everyone likes us now! Well, everyone who matters.

Huh. Maybe we could send Ortossi their way to find out what's going on. If nothing else, I'm sure a cheery old man would raise their spirits.

Right. This year, I'm not gpoint to put military conquest on the agenda, because... well, I'm bored of conquoring people. Instead!

Explore the Tula.

Explore the Dragonewt Wilds. (Includes Blackrock lands)

Explore Kero Fin.

Explore the Horse Spawn wilds.

Explore the Dwarven Lands.

Explore Praxian lands.

Explore the far north.

Buy treasure.

Establish trade routes.

Learn the mysteries of the gods.

We'll do another new heroquest, too.