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Part 266: 1351: Return of Barkman!

Hilarity and pity for our lawyer! It is a great day for law, everywhere.

I had completely forgotten about the Blackrocks, and their dragon-newt related shenanigans--maybe whatever was going on there is still happening?

While exploring in the northwest, members of your clan encounter a drooling, wild-eyed hermit, dressed in a suit of bark. he froths at the moutn, dances a little jig, and then speaks words of prophecy. "You will soon be embroiled in a dispute between neighbors. I see stones -- stones standing between men. After this happens, you must raid the Vanstatch clan or a giant spider will ravage your lands, burning and eating everything in her path!"

Do nothing.

Find the shaman and give him a gift.

Find the shaman and offer to adopt him.

Send a war party to drive off the shaman.

Send a war party to kill the shaman.

Why would we want to hurt the shaman?

Not every frothing madman is a seer.

The first part of his prophecy is correct, but not the second part.

Let us not worry about shamans. We must save our strength to fight the elves!

A suit of bark! Now why didn't I think of that?