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Part 269: 1351: More Blue Jay Arrogance

I guess it's not an easy heroquest after all--we just make it LOOK easy.

And look who's back! It's barkman, here to protect us from the mutant menace!

Missing File: GoodJobMorons006.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

I really couldn't care less about him at this point, honestly.

Anyway, the Iron Spike helps us (somehow) as long as we oppose the trolls, so let's get some trolls up in this mess.

The call has gone out, and every single member of the tribe is alert and looking for trouble!

Meanwhile, Korstardos has reached the Bayberries, and is ready to purchase their rare and powerful treasure!

Uh... I think I'll pass.

Yeah, good job seeing the trolls you summoned coming, guys.

I meant to use the bagpipes here, but instead used the amber by accident.

It worked out pretty well, though. I guess it's better than I thought it was!

And they snuck past us AGAIN, with an immediate second attack.

This time, the bagpipes scare them off.

Maybe the treasures of the Apple can won't be absurdly weak.

The tribute due from the Blue Jays has not arrived. When our patrols find a traveling thane of the Blue Jay clan, Farnan, they bring him before our clan ring. When asked why our yearly gift is not here, Farnan says he is not on his clan's ring, and cannot truly speak for them. Our glowring warriors prompt him to opine that his kind probably do not see any reason to meet their promise to us. After letting Farnan go on his way, you must decide how to deal with the Blue Jays.

Do nothing.

Raid them to show that you still consider their tribute due.

Send an emissary to remind them of their obligaiton.

The Blue Jays have about as many warriors as we do. We can attempt a punitive raid, or simply bluff them.

The tribute has helped us build up our herds. Not that we couldn't do with a few more cows!

Solve this without bloodshed.