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Part 271: 1351: Sacred Time

Huh! I have learned about accurate and fair voting. So I have used the fairest possible method--eyeballing that people tended to want a vote around 100, then personally deciding that I'd rather spend goods than cows.

Another magical sword for the pile!

Whups, looks like their army of cripples and corpses wants revenge... round two!

Aww, some of them didn't get maimed! Yeah, they should have just stayed home and killed twenty of their own warriors, it would have turned out better for them.

Argh, I totally forgot I meant to do a heroquest last year. Drat!

Right! Two issues.

First, what we're accomplishing this year.

Subjugate the Blue Jays.

Learn the secrets of the Gods.

Explore the tula.

Explore the Dragonewt Wilds.

Explore the Horse Spawn lands.

Explore the borders of Prax.

Explore the dwarven lands.

Explore the northern reaches.

Buy more gegaws.

Establish more trade routes.

Steal cows.

Also, the game's basically gonna sit here until we do seven different heroquests. We've been doing a heroquest ever two years (except just now, where I totally forgot) but that's... you know, slow.

Keep practicing safe heroquesting practices, or do a heroquest every year?