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Part 279: 1352: Border Squabbles

After a long, fruitful life serving clan Kuchulainn, Drenyan died the life of a terrified dog, running through the woods until she was eventually struck down.

I guess we need a replacement. We need a magician who actually gives advice, instead of prattling on and on about apples and tomorrow and peace and love. So who's our second best magician NOW?

Oh, lovely. It's that woman who kept trying to overthrow Ortossi. Well, talent is its own excuse, I suppose--maybe now that we have a heroic leader, we won't have to deal with that.

You can ask for a noble's advice in any of the main screens, and they'll say something completely unhelpful about magic, or the population, or raiding... I don't know what Garstal is talking about, here.

Truesword DOUBLES the strength of our weaponthanes, meaning each one now fights with the strength of ten men, not five. It's a pretty strong blessing for a warlike clan.

Heorl, a small stead-holder, accuses Fistivos, a neighbor from the Apple clan, of moving the boundary stones between their pastures. Fistivos denies this, and complains that Heorl is trying to use the clan chief to steal from him.

Offer Fistivos a cow if he drops his claim.

Send an emissary to the Apples.

Tell Heorl to drop his claim.

Tell them to resolve the dispute by arm-wrestling.

Threaten Fistivos if he doesn't drop his claim.

It is difficult to say for certain, but something tells me that Heorl's claim is just.

The amount of pasture in question means much to Heorl and Fistivos, but little to the prosperity of the clans.

There is much animosity in this case. Each party is more interested in being proved right than in winning ownership of the land.

Once there was a boundary dispute between Eurmal and Barntar. Eurmal solved the dispute by getting drunk and moving all the boundary stones in the valley.