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Part 280: 1352: Trading with Dwarves

Our hi-LAY-ree-us idea didn't work out so great in practice. Those two guys must not be all that funny.

Anyway, we've gone long enough not bothering the dwarves, so I've sent Terasarin off to find out what they're up to.

I wish current events were more like these. I'd read the newspaper more often.

Ha ha! Horse spawn! What are they gonna do to us?

As it turns out, what they'll do is roll up and kick our asses. Twelve dead, and a groin-crushing twenty five horses stolen. We've taken more than that from the Horse Spawn over the years, but still! Ouch!

I'm sure Enjossi will be able to handle those jerks.

While on an exploration and trade mission north of our tula, your people are approached by a trio of dwarfs who wish to trade with Orlanthi tribes. Referring to their leader, they say, "Isidilian say we not yet reached schedule point where unauthorized may trade with outsider humans. But we individuals with own souls, not just parts of machine. We wish prove such, and enter trade immediately." Your explorers come back to ask what to do.

Do not go back to meet them.

Report them to Isidilian's functionaries.

Suggest another clan they might trade with.

Trade normal goods with them.

Trade treasures with them.

We could gain the favor of a powerful foreign clan by reporting them to Isidilian. Or of another clan, by giving them a trading opportunity.

They are breaking the laws of their people, and we must assume they will be harshly punished if caught.

Who knows what strange treasures they have to offer?

Whatever you do, don't trade for dwarf food. Legend has it that their food is inedible, and stored in jars no one but the dwarfs can open.

It is a plot to kill and eat us.