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by Mystic Mongol

Part 281: 1352: Poltergeist

I send Brangbane and five of our weaponthanes, along with Elmal's Amber (the skirmisher bonus item) to the dwarves, seeking to trade.

There are two possibilities: One, that this item is profoundly useless, and has a minor effect on harvests or something. Two, that it gives a bonus against the most terrifying enemy in the game--the Random Number Generator!

I have no idea which it is, or how to test it.

Darndrev, a young, energetic farmer, on the road to prosperity, asks the clan council for help. He claims that his stead is haunted. Objects move about. wailing noises come from nowhere. Darndrev's wife and child have even seen an apparation.

Conduct a lawsuit against the ghost.

Launch a thorough investigation into the haunting.

Order Darndrev to move, burn down his stead.

Recommend that Darndrev move.

Send a debotee of Ernalda to bless Darndrev's house.

I don't know what a ghost would want from us; how can I then bargain with one?

Hovator Farsee once conducted a case against a spirit, so there may be precedents for outlawing the ghost.

Exorcism is not a specialty of the gods we worship. We must improvise a solution.

None of Heort's laws require us to help the victim of a haunting.

Darndrev must have forgotten the name of one of his ancestors. Let us make sport of his foolishness.