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Part 282: 1352: Victorious Warriors Return

The Orlanthi have a very effective legal system.

It's the Dark season, so I've ordered more warriors to be recruited.

The warriors are back from the campaign against the Lunars. Excitedly, they tell the tale of fighting for clever King Arim, whose magical twin children dropped a range of hills on the enemy. Proudly, they tell of their own valiant exploits in battle, and show off their loot.

Give some of the warriors' loot to the carls.

Launch a raid against the ducks.

Recruit additional warriors.

Reward the warriors with a feast.

Sacrifice to the war gods.

So where are all those cows Illator promised us?

While the warriors have been off fighting, the carls have been accumulating resentment. They deserve our attention.

The battlefield is the greatest trickster of all.